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Lode Runner Online

Released: Q4 1994, Q4 1995


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In 1993, Presage Software acquired the rights to the classic Lode Runner game by Doug Smith and set out to create a new, updated version for modern machines.

The result of this effort was Lode Runner, The Legend Returns. This game did phenomenally well, winning many awards and leading to a sequel: Lode Runner Online. For this sequel multi-player gameplay was added, allowing two persons to play Lode Runner together over a network, modem, or on the same machine. At the same time many new levels and game elements were introduced, and the original 16-bit code was updated to 32-bit for Windows 95.

As the Lead Programmer on both projects my responsiblity was to divide code responsiblities among the team, lead the coding effort in general, specifically shepherd the Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 efforts, contribute to the design, maintain the code base between two different remote offices, and deal directly with the client when called upon to do so.

Also, all of the programmers were called upon to do design work insomuch as there was no significant paper design to begin with. Game elements were brainstormed, added and balanced exclusively by the programmers as needed, especially in the case of Lode Runner Online. My contributions to the ongoing design of Lode Runner led to my placement within the design department at Presage and to the many designs I created and contributed to while working there.

Further Information:


Publisher: Dynamix / Sierra
Developed At:
Presage Software
Release Date:
Q4 1994, Q4 1995

Project Responsibilities: Lead Programmer
Languages Used: C, C++
Technologies: Windows 3.1, Windows 95, IPX fault-tolerant networking, DirectX 1.0 Modem

Media: 1.44Mb Floppy and CD-ROM. CD contained over a dozen full-length original redbook tracks.




Lode Runner won many awards, but my favorite was from Games Magazine. In 1994, the same year that Myst won Games Magazine's "Game of the Year" and X-Com UFO Defense won "Best Strategy Game", Lode Runner came in as "Best New Arcade Game".


For a great Lode Runner fan site be sure to check out:

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If you haven't played it yet, download a full (non-CD) version of Lode Runner Online here:

Easter Eggs:

The Easter Eggs and cheats varied from version to version, including each of the various patches. However, try some of the following.

  1. Check out the first screen shot on this page. In LODE RUNNER ONLINE do what you see there and then run to the left.
  2. There are small hotspots on the outer corners of the 640x480 play screen. In LODE RUNNER ONLINE only click the Upper-Left, then type "YOG". You should hear a clang sound and a cheat menu will be enabled.
  3. In THE ORIGINAL LODE RUNNER LTR only: Click the corner hotspots in this order Upper-Left, Lower-Right, Upper-Right, Lower-Left. Then type "YOG" or "CTHULHU" (I forget which). You should hear a clang sound, and a cheat menu will now be enabled. Not only that, you can control monks by using the T-Y-U/G-H-J/B-N-M Keys, and use the TAB key to switch between monks and the character.
  4. In THE ORIGINAL LODE RUNNER LTR only: if you've enabled cheats, go into the credits and once it starts scrolling, press "A". This reveals the "Secret Special Credits".



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