Cuckoo Zoo CD-ROM

Cancelled: Q2 1993
Status: BETA


In March of 1993, I was hired at Presage. My first project was to take an existing product, Cuckoo Zoo, and expand it by adding a variety of creatures, elements and games to create a "CD-ROM Enhanced" version to take advantage of the new CD-ROM craze.

It was a challenging project, because the entire code base was written in completely undocumented 80386 assembly and the original programmers were incommunicado. I was forced to reverse engineer everything the application was doing in order to expand its functionality and data formats. I ended up generating several command-line utilities that made life much easier by the time the project was complete.

Of course, shortly after acheiving Beta, EA decided it was "only going to do sports games". All funding for other projects (such as children's edutainment) was immediately cancelled, along with my project. Unless Susan Mahoney has hidden one away somewhere I believe that I may be the only person in existence with a Cuckoo Zoo CD-ROM, some of the screen shots of which can be seen below.


Publisher: Susan Mahoney / EA Kids
Developed At:
Presage Software
Release Date:
Q2 1993 (Cancelled in Beta)

Project Responsibilities: Programmer
Languages Used: 80386 Assembly
Technologies: DOS, 3D Software Rendering

Media: CD-ROM.




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