Star Wars: Yoda's Challenge

Released: Q3 1999


Back when Lucas Learning first began, there were two titles under construction: the award-winning Droidworks, and another project that made its way in stutters and starts to ultimately be mothballed. Ultimately, attention returned to the little wayward project and it was resurrected, provided with a fresh coat of paint and Episode I sensibilities, and released as Star Wars: Yoda's Challenge - a fascinating grouping of educational games within one activity center.

Star Wars: Yoda's Challenge groups activities designed for players age 6 and up. These activities range from tapping beats to unscrambling sentences to exploring 3D caves and participating in wild races.

My role on the project was as the third programmer. I was brought in just after the project went Alpha, in order to help finish it off on schedule. My responsibilities were primarily those of the Windows 95 platform, as well as rounding out any activities that still needed to be completed.

Further Information:


Publisher: Lucas Learning
Developed At:
Lucas Learning
Release Date:
Q3 1999

Project Responsibilities: Programmer
Languages Used: C++
Technologies: Windows 95, DirectX, Asylum

Media: Hybrid CD-ROM

Yoda's Challenge has won many awards for its unique combination of fun and learning.

A few of these awards are listed below:


November, 2000
Technology & Learning Magazine
Software Award of Excellence

October, 2000
Parenting Magazine
Software Magic Award

December, 1999
Better Homes and Gardens
The Year's Best Educational Software

December, 1999
Children's Software Revue
All Star Software

December, 1999
Choosing Children's Software Magazine
Best Picks for the Holidays Award

December, 1999
Consumer Reports
Top Picks

November, 1999
The National Parenting Center
Seal of Approval

November 28, 1999
1999 Parade Magazine
Choose The Right Digital Tutor





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