Star Wars: Early Learning
Activity Center

Released: Q3 2000


Star Wars: Early Learning Activity Center is Lucas Learning's first foray into the arena of activity centers for the preschool market. It was a straightforward design and production from LLL's point of view, requiring the time-honed techniques of research, testing and production.

Early Learning provides a "learn through play experience" in a celebratory setting, all set within two exciting cities. Through open-ended and directed play, you can showcase your talents in music, dance and puppetry while improving your skills in sequencing, sorting, classifying and following directions.

My role on the project was as the Lead programmer. I participated in the product from design to Internationalization. The product itself was built on the tried and true cross-platform Asylum development system. My responsibilities were primarily those of the Windows 95 platform, scheduling, reporting and management of the other programmer(s) on the team.

One truly unique activity within the set is the Music Game. The music game strings together ongoing harmonies in different styles and keys. Then the player, through simply moving the mouse, causes notes to form a dynamically generated harmony that was always in time and in key. It is very fun, and an activity that I can still zone out on for hours at a time.


Further Information:

Publisher: Lucas Learning
Developed At:
Lucas Learning
Release Date:
Q3 2000

Project Responsibilities: Lead Programmer
Languages Used: C++
Technologies: Windows 95, DirectX, Asylum

Media: Hybrid CD-ROM



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