Star Wars: The Gungan Frontier

Released: Q2 1999


In 1998, Lucas Learning began work on an educational ecological simulation set within the Star Wars universe. As timing would have it, this simulation became one of the titles targeted for simultaneous release with Star Wars: Episode I, making the distinct effort to meld the characters and locations of the new Star Wars movie into the simulation experience.

The result of this effort was Star Wars: The Gungan Frontier. The game is designed for players age 9 and up, the goal is to transform the barren moon of Naboo into a thriving, balanced ecosystem and help the Gungans build a new underwater bubble city. Along the way you confront all the typical resource management issues associated with any builder simulation.

My role on the project was as the second programmer, primarily responsible for the Windows 95 version and the "Underwater City" portion of the simulation. It was the project I was hired into Lucas Learning to work on, joining development just prior to the Alpha stage. I also did plenty of "coding as needed" to fill out and debug a variety of components of the application.

Further Information:

Publisher: Lucas Learning
Developed At:
Lucas Learning
Release Date:
Q2 1999

Project Responsibilities: Programmer
Languages Used: C++
Technologies: Windows 95, DirectX, Asylum

Media: Hybrid CD-ROM


The Gungan Frontier has won many awards for its combination of fun and ecological simulation.

A few of these awards are listed below:



December, 1999/January 2000
Family Life
Best of the Year

December, 1999
Choosing Children's Software Magazine
Best Picks for the Holidays Award

September, 1999
Parent's Guide to Children's Media
Outstanding Achievement in Computer Programs

September, 1999
The National Association for Gifted Children
Parenting for High Potential
1999 Holiday Educational Toy List

September, 1999
NewMedia INVISION 99
Gold in Education, Youth

August, 1999
Technology & Learning Magazine
1999-2000 Software Awards of Excellence




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