Rexx Copiously

Work Ceased: Oct, 1998


Rexx Copiously was a small game inspired by the Macintosh classic Pegleg. For practical purposes it was our internal development testbed at Buzz Software, developed in OPAL (Object-oriented Platform Abstraction Layer), our cross-development system for Windows and Macintosh. OPAL itself covered all major issues between the PC and Macintosh, including Graphics, File I/O, Memory, Sprites, Resources, etc.

Rexx provided us with a source of amusement as well as a proof-of-technology. We were able to create a wide variety of objects with different logical behaviors (flocking, following, physics, etc.) that all came from the same data source and were rendered, manipulated and otherwise handled identically on two different platforms.

Of course, in the fullness of time, it was intended that Rexx be released as shareware to the world, while OPAL would go on to serve as the application core of a much larger, professionally published game.

When Buzz Software closed its doors, work on OPAL ceased. Rexx was left incomplete, but functional enough to be fun to play.

It is an honor to be able to make a download of Rexx Copiously available to the public.


Further Information:



Work Ceased:
Oct, 1998

Technology Testbed

Languages Used:

Windows 95, DirectX, OPAL




If you haven't played it yet, download the Rexx Copiously demo here!

(requires DirectX 3.0 or greater)



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