Apple ][

(April 1983 - Sept. 1988)


My first computer was an Apple ][ variant, the 64k Franklin Ace 1000. Upon receiving that machine I was transported to paradise, intuitively grasping the interactive potential for storytelling and entertainment embodied by that simple conglomeration of silicon and plastic. Any time not spent in school or putting together RPG campaigns was spent designing, playing, or programming computer games.

Those projects consisted of a variety of games on the Apple ][, written in both Applesoft and 6052 assembly. There were text adventures and RPG's in both the style of Wizardry and Ultima. Nearly every one of them was completed and is still playable today on Apple ][ emulators.

An excellent resource for those in need of Apple ][ FAQ's is:


What follows are some poignant memories from my Apple ][ programming career, as well as some maps to assist those that actually want to try out any of my old adventure games. If anyone out there has a scan of the old Beagle Brother's Peeks & Pokes wall chart please send it my way - I'd love to add it to this page.


Lord British Correspondence

My favorite games during the years I was working on the
Apple ][ were those of the Ultima series by Origin Systems. The creator of those games, Richard Garriott (aka "Lord British") and I carried on a short series of letters in which I asked him for snippets of code from the series and shared my love for his creation. For his part, he sent the code, which I promptly integrated into my own incarnations of Ultima-style games.

6502 Code Dump

Why? Why ask why? I've got a whole stack of printed out 6502 assembly code from one of my games in a binder. It's nuts, but it's still cool in a geeky sort of way.

Ellandar I (Map 1 & Map 2)

This was my first large graphical computer RPG. It was written in Applesoft, looked like Ultima II, and spanned three floppy disks. At right is a thumbnail of one of the maps I made to help people find their way through each of the various locales within the adventure.

Please note that there are TWO maps. You'll want them both:
(Map 1) (Map 2)

Dungeon II

This was an adventure game written in the Wizardry style and utilizing a homebrewed game system based on Warhammer Fantasy. At right is a thumbnail of the map for all 10 levels of the dungeon.



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